How Being Agile and Innovative helped us during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Collaboration, innovation, agility, customer centricity and an unquenchable thirst to better ourselves are what define us here at Tachyon Technologies. Read on to know how we synergized these processes to become the organization that we are!

We live in an era where bad organizational handling of employees and customers says a lot about its culture. With “over 70% of individuals choosing not to associate with a bad-cultured or/ an ill-reputed organization,” it is evident that culture plays a vital role in an organization’s performance.

Some of the essential veins of brilliant organizational culture are:

  • Encouraging Collaboration
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Being Agile
  • Focused on Customer Experience
  • Continuous Learning

Which, we at Tachyon have proudly embraced as tenets of our company culture.

Read on to know more about how Tachyon symbolizes great company culture.

Encouraging Collaboration: Silos topple companies. Hence the need for collaboration. With the growing pace of a global and remote workforce, conventional communication methods are like the Nokia 1100s – reliable, but outdated. At Tachyon, our people come from various nationalities and cultures. By encouraging collaboration among them, we as a company achieved success.

Similarly, we approach our clients with a notion of collaborative transformation. This means our partnership is not just tactical, but long-standing. We strongly believe in creating real business benefits for our clients while working closely in their digital transformation journey.

Fostering Innovation: Unlocking full potential of our people. This was possible because we encouraged our teams to collaborate more. We noticed a steep surge in ideas and innovative solutions to challenges, which helped improve the service of a product. Simply by having a culture that fosters innovation, we were able to better serve our clients. We’ve made it point to recognize individuals for their innovative thinking.

Being Agile: Agility is all about being dynamic and collaborative. Being open to feedback and new thinking gave us the competitive growth advantage. For instance, during the Covid-19 global pandemic, companies with the right organizational structure thrive. A digitally sound organization definitely has its advantage, but it can sail through these uncertain times only with an agile business culture. A clear business continuity plan set forth by the leadership, willingness, and support from the organization are crucial. Allowing for discussions, flexibility and trust bring out more from each stakeholder. The benefits of being agile go much beyond the times of crisis.

Focus on Customer Experience: The customer is an equal stakeholder in any project. Organizations that are vigorously customer centric are often considered agile. Bringing in clientele with attractive discounts only lasts a short time; however, creating memorable moments, paying attention to customer’s needs, adding value, empathizing with their situations and building an emotional connection is what we do at Tachyon. For us, our customers are at the center of our universe.

Continuous Learning: As an organization Tachyon is obsessed with growth and learning. We seek the knowledge in everything. We strive to stay ahead in our business. For that purpose, we focus on upskilling our people. In this highly competitive world, individuals need to expand their knowledge base and stay upgraded on technological advances and other developments in their field of work. Continuous upgrading of knowledge, skills, and tools is a cornerstone of our company culture and philosophy. Like us, we encourage everyone to innovate and collaborate so that it adds value to themselves and their organizations.

Steve Jobs once famously said: “All I ask is that today you do the best work of your entire life.” This holds good to all of us at Tachyon. We believe that by innovating continuously, one can keep pace with the industry. Being agile allows the change to be smooth and quick while always keeping our eyes trained on the experience factor to make our interactions relevant and leading to growth for our partners.

More than a process, “Be Agile, Be Innovative” is a philosophy that turns around an entire ecosystem to be better. Thankfully, the metrics for a good company culture are measurable and show in the organization’s bottom-line.

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