Run, Transform, Adapt

Our Digital Innovation Services

Cloud enablement

Optimize your cloud investments to reduce costs, boost security and scalability, and increase collaboration.

Data & AI

Gain greater understanding of your products and customers powered by big data analytics and real-time reporting tools

Digital strategy

Create with confidence using a strategy founded on human-centered design, user experience and best practices.

Intelligent edge

Transform data into actionable insights with solutions fueled by AI and IoT innovation.

IoT solutions

Leverage smart devices to enrich experiences, optimize business practices and drive results.
Run, Grow, Transform is the mantra of every CEO. Because the threat of being disrupted is ever increasing if organizations do not transform / adapt to the ever changing IT landscape. Hence digital transformation is imperative and innovation in a digital space is pivotal. 
Tachyon has constantly innovated and has deep pockets of expertise in digital technologies including IoT, big data, AI, machine learning and cloud computing.

Why Tachyon

Holistic Solutions

Leverage a broad portfolio of integrated, backwards-compatible software.

Strong Track Record

Future-proof investments with a trusted, proven partner with over a decade’s experience.

Proven Analytics Acumen

Gain critical insights from AI/ML that drive efficiencies and automation.

Smart Digital Transformation

Bridge legacy and emerging technologies to run and transform at the same time.

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