Testing and Automation

Testing and Automation

We offer a wide range of software testing services aimed at mitigating project risk and enabling rapid returns on investment.

We are experts in waterfall and agile methodologies along with ad-hoc testing methodologies. Our team takes a collaborative approach to agree on goals, timelines and reporting schedule. We provide a detailed strategy defining the best testing approach to suit your application and business objectives.

Our Testing Services

Automation testing

Performance testing

Functional / System testing

Accessibility testing

Security testing


Regression testing

API testing

Defect management

Compatibility testing

Our Intelligent ‘Ready-to-Deploy’ Test Automation Framework. We’ve developed an extensible automation framework, which is modular, reusable, integrated and compatible.
The framework has ‘out-of-the-box’ best-in-class features for test automation including rich custom reporting, third party integrations, configurable execution options, etc. The framework helps configure, create test suites by combining various automated tests and making those test suites available for execution.
Our experienced team offers a comprehensive test strategy and solutions to your web-based and mobile application, API services and data migration or ETL processes. We tailor our services and solutions to suit your requirements. We specialize in functional testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing through manual or automation tests. We also provide non-functional testing including performance and load testing.

Why Tachyon for your Testing Challenges

Reduced Regression Cost

Reduces the effort required to run tests and analyzing the outputs by up to 90%, making the testing process efficient.

Better Testing Quality

Enhance consistency and quality of the testing by removing the possibility of any manual errors, and increasing the test coverage simultaneously.

Multi-Platform Testing

Test across different Operating Systems, devices, and browsers to ensure smooth operation for all end users

Faster Time to Market

Cut down the regression testing cycle time by up to 80% helping you achieve quicker releases with higher frequency.

Better Resource Utilization

Alleviate QA team frustration due to the repeatable nature of testing and utilize them to focus more on release specific functional testing.

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