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Getting the employees back to the office is the latest challenge to many organizations due to the COVID-19 era. Ever since the pandemic, every aspect has been changed and office standards aren’t an exception. And it is quite obvious that the employee expectations also won’t be the same, which makes things complex both for employees and the employers.

Now that organizations are hunting for the right solution to know how they can encourage their employees to return? But, whatever the strategies you choose to eventually bring your employees back into the office, the main objective is to keep and make them feel safe!

From Tachyon, we want to share a few guidelines and strategies that will help organizations to implement and communicate in a better way to build trust in their employees to get them back to the office as before.

Connect In-Person & Communicate Frequently:
No matter where employees work from, communication is key as a team. Few pieces of research state that employees miss the in-person interactions with their colleagues, since they started work from home. So, even staying in touch through video conferencing for office meetings has become normal, getting in person as a team will surely excite them. Interacting and sharing personal experiences of remote work with the team will give an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between colleagues.

So, organizations who are planning to get their employees back to the office should try various communication techniques, which help employees work efficiently and maximize the output. In addition, management should create a reliable flow of information from managers to the employees to build trust and enhance the work environment.

Make Safety A Priority:
It is quite obvious for employees to panic when they are asked to return to the office after the pandemic situation. But, it is the responsibility of organizations to make them feel safe by informing them about the safety measures that are being taken to make the office environment safe and healthy.

As every organization is different, one checklist doesn’t fit all. Hence management should understand their office structure first, and plan accordingly of what measures can be taken to ensure safety.
Some of the common safety measures for offices include:
● Installing plexiglass wherever needed to ensure social distancing
● Keeping hand sanitizers handy in the office locations
● Ensuring temperature checks at the entrance
● Rearranging the work stations to maintain ample space and feel comfortable
● Scheduling a cleaning session to maintain cleanliness

Offer Flexibility:
It is a fact that most of the employees are now preferring work from home, as it offers a great work-life balance. But if organizations are willing to get their employees back to the office, then there must be some compromise.

Because forcing employees to return to the office might result in forcing them out of your organization. In such cases, a hybrid model can be a great solution for getting employees to return to the office.

Here are some of the ways, how organizations can offer flexibility for their employees:
● Plan to split office days and remote days. Allow your employees to work from the office on certain days, while remote work on other days.
● Offer some flexibility in working hours to avoid getting stuck in traffic and enjoy more family time.
● Offer temporary remote work as a reward for the exceptional work of the employees We hope these strategies would help you to get your employees back to the office as they ensure safety and are easy to implement.

In fact, the above-mentioned strategies are followed and implemented by the Tachyon technologies which made their efforts in making work from office successful.

Also, we at Tachyon believe that it is quite challenging for organizations to make things as they were before the pandemic. But if the management wants to have a closer and interactive work culture, then it would be the right move that helps organizations to take things forward.

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