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SAP Fiori is a collection of 600+ lightweight apps that utilize a role-based, mobile-first design to accomplish common business tasks with improved efficiency and an enhanced user experience. SAP Fiori applications support a variety of roles in diverse functional areas of business including finance, HR, procurement, manufacturing, and sales. With a new age user experience (UX) for SAP, Fiori is based on modern design principles to provide a holistic and consistent experience across any devices to helps businesses realize quick insight-to-action, anywhere, anytime.

While there has been a huge push towards SAP HANA and many of the Fiori applications require it, there is still large set of transactional apps that can be deployed for enterprises using SAP Business Suite on any database.  Applying SAP Fiori to the core tasks your employees perform can significantly improve their productivity through the improved UX, a benefit you can gain now even if HANA may be a few years down the roadmap.

To highlight these transaction SAP Fiori apps, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Fiori Apps that can be deployed on any database:

1. SAP Fiori – My Accounts App

Key Role: Sales Representative  ||  Line of Business: Sales  ||  Required Back-end Product: SAP CRM, min. EHP 3
MyAccountsUsing the My Accounts app Sales Representatives can search the backend and display general sales data of their own account or a selected account. In addition, they can access other related data such as contacts, leads, opportunities, and the information can be shared or discussed in SAP Jam. This app can be especially useful in preparing for a meeting with a particular account.

Key Features:

  • Searches for accounts
  • Displays key figures of an account, such as the expected sales volume of opportunities
  • Displays an overview of contacts, tasks, notes,  attachments, appointments, leads, and opportunities for an account
  • Switches views to display either own account or all other accounts
  • Navigation to more detailed information for contacts, notes, tasks, appointments, attachments, leads, and opportunities is available
  • Sharing account information in SAP Jam groups to discuss it in SAP Jam feeds is possible


2. SAP Fiori – My Contacts App

Key Role: Sales Representative  ||  Line of Business: Sales  ||  Required Back-end Product: SAP CRM, min. EHP 3

05 My Contacts

Using the SAP Fiori My Contacts app Sales representatives can search for contacts stored in the backend for their own contact details or for other contact details. They can perform sales activities like displaying contact details, editing contact information, creating new contacts and starting  follow-up activities. In a meeting, they can also quickly check and update the available information of an existing contact. To update new contacts, they can enter data directly on their mobile devices or desktop PC, from where it is automatically transferred to the backend system.

Key Features

  • Helps searching for contacts by first name, last name, or account
  • Sorts the contacts list by first name, last name, and account
  • Switches between own contacts (contacts of your own accounts) and all contacts
  • Displays communication data, notes, and attachments for a contact
  • Starts follow-up activities for the selected contact, such as writing an email making a call.
  • Displays a quick overview of contact’s accounts and navigates to more details for the account.
  • Allows Editing contact information, adding new notes and attachments, add or change the contact’s photo
  • Allows creating a new contact for an existing account

3. SAP Fiori – My Opportunities App

Key Role: Sales Representative  ||  Line of Business: Sales  ||  Required Back-end Product: SAP CRM, min. EHP 3

My Opportunities

The SAP Fiori My Opportunities app allows sales representatives to create, display, edit, and search for their sales opportunities. The My Opportunities app automatically determines related participants and sales organizations according to the predefined rules whenever the sales representatives create an opportunity and specifies an account for it, and whenever a follow-up opportunity is created from a task, appointment, or opportunity. An automatic determination in the app saves the effort of entering all opportunity data from scratch.

Key Features

  • Helps sales representatives search and display their own opportunities
  • Allows creating new opportunities and editing opportunity data, such as contact, employee responsible, and sales organization
  • Displaying the complete data of an opportunity, such as transaction history, Sales organization notes, attachments, and participants
  • Adding, editing, and deleting participants, notes, products, and attachments of an opportunity is possible.
  • Allows creating follow-up appointments, opportunities and tasks
  • Set the maximum number of opportunities that you want to display
  • Opportunity information can be shared in SAP Jam groups and discussed in SAP Jam feeds


4. SAP Fiori – My Tasks App

Key Role: Sales Representative  ||  Line of Business: Sales  ||  Required Back-end Product: SAP CRM, min. EHP 3

My Tasks

Using the SAP Fiori transactional app, My Tasks, sales representatives can easily see an overview of the tasks they need to take care of by a specific date as it gives them access to their tasks from the CRM back end. If any change is made in the tasks or if they create new ones within the app, they are automatically synchronized with the CRM backend and made visible to colleagues if the tasks are marked public.


Key Features

  • Displays all tasks that are still open, completed, or due on a particular day or week.  
  • Offers “Due Today” and “Due This Week” views
  • Specific transaction types can be created to suite your business
  • Creating new tasks , setting completed tasks, and changing tasks is possible
  • Searching for specific tasks by picking words in the title, or specific tasks related to an account or contact is possible
  • Creating follow up tasks, opportunities, appointments is easier
  • View and edit the status of a task


5. SAP Fiori – My Timesheet App  

Key Role: Any Employee  ||  Line of Business: HR  ||  Required Back-end Product: SAP ERP


Using the transactional app My Timesheet employees can manage their time entries quickly and efficiently using their desktop or mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Using Quick Entry option employees can enter time for an entire week, month, or for all missing time entries
  • View the time entry status overview for a month
  • Can view weekly time entry details at a glance, with one-step release or delete
  • Allows users to create a time entry for a single day or multiple days in a single step
  • Option to review and modify existing timesheet entries


6. SAP Fiori – My Shopping Cart App

Key Role: Employee, Purchasing Agent  ||  Line of Business: Sourcing and Procurement  ||  Required Back-end Product: SAP SRM

SAP Fiori my shopping cart app

The SAP Fiori My Shopping Cart transactional app provides employees with a one-stop solution for their Enterprise Shopping needs. It has features from adding items to the cart, to specifying delivery to submitting for approval. In order to enable easy shopping, this app leverages the powerful SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) User Interface Add-On cross-catalog search capability.

Key Features

  • Employees can find products using cross-catalog search
  • Employees can create and order new shopping cart by adding products
  • Employees can assign accounting to the shopping cart
  • Employees can specify a  delivery date and delivery address for the shopping cart



7. SAP Fiori – Track Purchase Order App

Key Role: Employee, Purchaser  ||  Line of Business: Sourcing and Procurement  ||  Required Back-end Product: SAP ERP

Track Purchase Orders

With the SAP Fiori transactional app Track Purchase Order, employees can view important purchase order information. For every purchase order, the overall order fulfillment status, the quantities and values, with a graphical view of the process flow can be seen. Purchase order documents based on purchase requisitions also can be displayed.

Key Features

  • Employees can view Purchase requisition documents
  • Employees can search and view goods receipts
  • Employees can view Invoices


8. SAP Fiori – Check Price and Availability App

Key Role: Sales Representative  ||  Line of Business: Sales  ||  Required Back-end Product: SAP ERP

SAP Fiori Check Price and Availability

With the transactional app Check Price and Availability, Sales Representatives can check the price and availability of products on field interactively on any device.  They can look into the information of customer’s previous sales orders, details about the product list of the company and place orders by checking the availability of the products.

Key Features

  • Based on the their last sales orders, the app provides a list of products per customer  
  • A detailed information about a product from the material master can be seen
  • Provides classification information about a selected product, if it is configurable
  • Based on the quantity and requested delivery date from a specific customer, checks the price and availability of a product

9. SAP Fiori – Create Sales Order App

Key Role: Sales Representative  ||  Line of Business: Sales  ||  Required Back-end Product: SAP ERP


With the transactional app Create Sales Orders, Sales Representatives can create or display sales orders on the field interactively on any device, providing them with a convenient tool to create orders on the go.

Key Features

  • By selecting existing customer orders, Sales Representatives can reorder products
  • Browse and search for sales orders
  • Display sales order lined-up items
  • Products can be ordered by selecting directly from the material master
  • Browse and search products present in the material master
  • Based on the quantity and requested delivery date from a customer, customer price and availability can be checked
  • Alternate ship-to addresses can be selected from the customer master
  • Multiple or single shipment for the ordered items can be choose


10. SAP Fiori – Track Sales Order App

Key Role: Sales Representative  ||  Line of Business: Sales  ||  Required Back-end Product: SAP ERP

SAP Fiori Track Sales Order

With the SAP Fiori transactional app, Track Sales Orders, Sales Representatives can easily search through existing sales orders to view the specific details of the order and its progress while in the field interactively on desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms.

Key Features

  • Display sales orders for assigned customers
  • View sales orders aggregated by purchase order numbers
  • Search for sales orders
  • Display sales order items and their status
  • Display delivery schedules and their status


The Bottom Line:
With the proliferation of consumer apps used today, employees now expect the same consumer-grade user experience for their business applications. Hence, these business applications must be refined, made intuitive, and personalized for the ways users actually work to enable them in reaching their peak potential.  Implementing SAP Fiori apps help address these mission-critical business needs and its simplistic design aligned with implementation best practices allows applications to quickly be deployed, giving business users an instant boost in efficiency.


For more details, contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about SAP Fiori and how it can improve your business

Tachyon Technologies will help identify the potential areas where SAP Fiori would benefit your business most. Plus, we’ll perform a readiness assessment to determine if your current system is ready for an update, and if not, walk you through what needs to be done.


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