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Cloud, Infrastructure, and Security Solutions

Cloud and Infrastructure are the backbone of your IT, and Security is vital to keeping it safe. Tachyon Technologies specializes in cloud-based hosting, management and deployment services to help your enterprise realize the benefits of cloud and hybrid solutions, while optimizing its infrastructure and keeping it secure

Infrastructure Virtualization Planning & Deployment

Virtualization can provide a significant strategic business advantage for your organization, but it may also seem challenging and expensive. Tachyon Technologies can simplify your path towards virtualization with its refined accelerators to deliver a clear plan of action that results in infrastructure cost savings and increased efficiencies. With a plan laid out, Tachyon can assist or fully manage the implementation, migration, deployment and on-going support of your virtualized environment.

Security Services

  • SAP GRC Security
  • SAP Mobile Secure
  • SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • SAP Enterprise Threat Detection
  • SAP Identity and Access Management


SAP Basis Services

We offer SAP Basis services covering a wide range of solutions to quickly and correctly stand up your applications

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