The Business Case for Managing Complexity

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Harvard Business Review: "The Business Case for Managing Complexity"

The Business Case for Managing Complexity

In the ever-evolving landscape of information technology, the vast infrastructure used to support business is inherently complex. However, excess complexity that manifests itself in lack of innovation or poor customer service is a significant problem causing real and quantifiable business damage today. In this whitepaper commissioned by SAP and HBR, you will see the real-world impact of complexity that companies are facing today, supported by a survey of 749 business managers conducted in 2015 by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

The survey responses are striking in the range of critical functions they say are made more difficult or costly by excess complexity—and in their description of how complexity makes it hard to meet some of their most pressing business challenges. For example:

  • Six out of ten say complexity increased operational costs by at least 11 percent.
  • Almost half say their IT systems cannot respond quickly enough to deliver innovative business models or processes.
  • Forty-three percent say complexity slows growth, impedes their ability to respond quickly to competitive threats, and interferes with effective decision making.

Respondents know first-hand that complexity places a heavy toll on both internal operations and outward growth initiatives. Download this whitepaper today to gain knowledge about the top areas most harmed by complexity, key factors hurting your bottom line, and what leading organizations are doing about it so you can make the business case for managing complexity at your company.

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