"A By-the-Number Approach to Security"

SAP Afaria Cloud Edition

The purpose of this technical paper is to describe SAP’s approach to maintaining confidentiality, data integrity, and system availability for the SAP® Afaria®, cloud edition, set of solutions. Using a by-the-numbers approach to security, this paper dives into the architecture of SAP Afaria, cloud edition, and describes the security features at various points in the solution detailing why the architectural approach allows an enterprise to have a much more private cloud experience than would otherwise be possible.

What's inside:

Fundamentals of Horizontal Scaling to Solution Architecture

Taking a unique approach to implementing the SaaS edition of SAP Afaria, the cloud solution combines a horizontal scaling approach with dedicated database schemas that eliminates the risk of cross-enterprise data leakage

SAP Afaria Solution Architecture Diagram

In understanding the security features of SAP Afaria, cloud edition, it’s helpful to understand the components of the solution and how they communicate with one another. With an example logical architecture of the solution, the paper discusses each section in detail.

Device Management Components, Data in Transit, and Hosting Security

Learn more about the central components in SAP Afaria, cloud edition, and how the solution effectively handles sensitive data in transit as well as hosting security.  

Using Amazon Web Services

Each Amazon EC2 region is designed to be completely isolated from the other Amazon EC2 regions. This achieves the greatest possible failure independence and stability, and it makes the locality of each EC2 resource unambiguous.

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