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SAP HANA Top 10 Questions

Top Ten Questions for Choosing In-Memory Databases

SAP HANA Case Studies

Analyst Reports: Real-Time Enterprise Stories

SAP HANA Cost Analysis

Forrester Report: Projected Cost Analysis of the SAP HANA Platform

SAP HANA Customer Stories

Customer Stories: Big Data Analytics Powered by SAP HANA


Harward Business Review

The Business Case for Managing Complexity

IDC Technology Spotlight

Enabling Finance in a Digital Enterprise to Plan, Monitor, and Predict

SAP S/4 Hana Customer Success Stories

SAP S/4HANA Customer Success Stories

CFO Research Whitepaper

The Future of Financial Planning and Analysis

Enterprise Mobility

SAP Afaria Cloud Edition

Managing the Mobile Workforce Without the Complexity and Expense of an On-Premise Solution



Mobile Advantage for SMEs

Realizing the Mobility Advantage for Small and Medium Enterprises


Managing Mobile Devices in a Device-Agnostic World

Mobile Security

SAP Afaria Cloud: A By-the-Numbers Approach to Security

Data Visualization and Discovery


SAP Lumira, Edge Edition Solution Brief

Abeerden Group

Aberdeen White Paper: Visualization - Set Your Analytics Users Free


Solution Brief: Ignite Your Creative Ideas with Fast and Engaging Data Discovery

Abeerden Group

Aberdeen White Paper: Self-Service BI through Data Discovery and Visualization