Top Ten Questions for Choosing In-Memory Databases

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"Top Ten Questions for Choosing In-Memory Databases"

Top Ten Questions for choosing in-memory databases

When evaluating the switch to an in-memory database you may have some questions, and thats a good thing. With confusing terms such as “Database In-memory” vs "In-memory Database”, it’s helpful to know the differences between the SAP HANA Platform and a Disk-Based Database with In-Memory Cache. In this interactive e-book you’ll learn about the top ten questions for choosing an in-memory database and how the performance of SAP HANA reigns supreme.

Questions Answered:

1. Are my applications accelerated without manual intervention and tuning?
2. Can I achieve predictable response times for ad hoc queries?
3. Can I get the full picture of my business in real-time?
4. Can I answer all my data discovery questions without adding more DBAs to do data tuning?
5. Can my application provide analytics while updating the same copy of data in real time?

6. Am I able to run my business in real time, with all my data in-memory, ready for processing?
7. Do my SAP Applications run better and faster on an in-memory platform?
8. Can I simplify my IT landscape with an in-memory solution?
9. Can I run transactions and analytics on the same system without adding more DRAM and CPU resources?
10. Does my database vendor have an in-memory database designed specifically for both transactions and analytics?

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